Sunday, January 31, 2010

spreading the LOVE...and the FREE STUFF!

so i am part of this great Etsy team: The Knotties and Nesties on Etsy. they really are awesome! its a great network of women who all own shops on etsy. and what brings us together? either the knot, the nest, or the bump!

those websites and boards have at some point, gotten us through a wedding crisis, given us a coupon code for shopping online, given us names for vendors, and for some of us, helped with one of the bazillion questions about raising a child or helped us through a pregnancy symptom. the boards are great place for support even through the hardest of times i have seen those women band together and offer advice or just their prayers and "vibes."

and the love has spread to etsy!

the knetteam is what got me really involved in my shop. they are a great team who you can count on if you have a question about business, or your shop, or anything in general. ask a question and get a response...just like the Knot/Nest/Bump boards.

and now YOU can be a part of this LOVE, too!

the KNETTEAM has organized 14 days of giveaways in honor of Valentines Day! Lots of shops are participating and EVERY day for 14 days, beginning on February 1st, there will be 1 (or sometimes 2) shops offering a FREE giveaway from their shop. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE visit our blog at and enter for a chance to win a free item from these great etsy shops EVERY day until February 14th..the day of LOVE.

so that link one more time is! read it, follow it, tweet it, LOVE it!

to sum up this post: go to and win FREE stuff every day til vday. thats it. GO AT IT!

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