Thursday, February 4, 2010

Valentines Day is fast approaching...

....and i wanted to do something nicer this year than just the door hanger thing i had up last year. my daughter was born 2/13 and last year i was so crazy with planning her first bday i put absolutely NO thought in brightening up the house for the holiday of LOOOOOOOVE. this year tho, we decided on doing just cake and coffee with family for her 2nd birthday, so i have some more time (and brain power) to concentrate on decorating for valentines day. BUT, i didn't want to spend a bazillion dollars on all the amazing stuff i see around the stores. and since my husband got me the Cricut i begged for as one of my christmas presents, i thought it was about time to utilize it.

so this afternoon, in between a couple of custom orders (like this one) i am going to try to make my house look like martha stewart dropped in, without spending the money. i bought about twenty bucks worth of materials plus i had a few more things at home in my stash, so hopefully i will be able to execute the ideas i have in my head.

i will warn you tho....usually when i take on projects like these, they end up failing...miserably. so hopefully my next post will be lovely images of my new decorations instead of me writing about my epic fail through salty tears and smears of chocolate on my fingertips and around my mouth as i suppress my anguish in a sea of hershey bars and sobbing....


  1. Good luck! I'm sure it will be beautiful . . . . I'm sure your daughter will agree!

  2. Thank you! pictures to come. i finished a few projects...but before i can do anything, my daughters bday is tomorrow, so time to focus on that =)