Monday, February 15, 2010

Facebook Fan Giveaway!

so as of this morning, i was at 98 fans. 2 away from 100. so i said in honor of hitting 100, once i did, i would host a giveaway and randomly pick one of my fans to win a free gift-a-roo from moi.

well, even tho i am at over 100 now....the opportunity to get something for nothing is not over. lets see how many fans i can get until tonight and then i will use to pick a number. whichever number fan that is (according to my list of fans...first fan=1, second fan=2, and so on) will get a free gift!

so if youre not a fan yet, become one. if you are one, tell your friends! tweet, post on FB, blog...whatever you want to do....but help me get lots of fans today!

*ps...i hope everyones valentines day was spectacular! i did finish some of my vday projects that i posted about previously...and i will have some pics to put up and a new blog post will come soon after that!

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