Friday, March 26, 2010

2 posts in one day....

i realize i posted this morning...after like a month...and now i'm posting again...after like 6 hours...


so for those who dont do etsy...people make up treasuries. within each treasury is a collection of pretty items the curator (creator of treasury) wants to put together..whether its a color, a mood, or just because. treasuries can be hard to come by bc there is only a limited amount and you have to wait for older ones to expire to get one. lots of times you have to stalk the treasuries (or use tools like 's treasury countdown) before you get one of your own.

once you make a treasury, it is active for between 2-3 days. in that time, people view treasuries and its a good way to get people to see your shop. but...every now and then a treasury will make it to the front page! this means that etsy picked the treasury bc they liked the way it looked and the items in it, and they put it on the FP for about an hour or so. in that time, the traffic to the shops featured is INSANE!

...and i'm there, RIGHT NOW.

a friend of mine, a fellow member of the Knotties and Nesties on Etsy team (Laurel from ), included one of my headbands in her treasury, and the treasury was picked to be on the front page.

thankfully, another friend of mine,Monica, also from the KNETEAM, ( taught me how to do a screen shot and here it is!

i had to do it in 2 screen shots bc it wouldnt fit in one.

yay! so thats excited!

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