Friday, March 26, 2010

hello i bring you SPRING!

so march brings us the idea of spring time...and quite frankly, after all the snow we had, i am totally looking forward to it! i am not really an outdoorsy person at all...and if i am being honest, would much the day inside doing house things than frolicking outside. BUT, i do enjoy staying inside with the windows open, the wind blowing through the screens, birds chirping outside while i take a  nap on the couch....and you need springy weather for that! =)

but also with the springy weather, springy decor is a way to brighten up inside, even during those rainy days of march.

this year i decided to do a little easter/spring decorating....and i figured after my epic fail decorating for valentines day from the dollar store, i would try to redeem myself with easter. so i perused a few blogs and got a few ideas, ran to the dollar store with $20 and a confidence that i would be a success this time around!

and this is what i got:

This is my easter scape...made from all things dollar store (except the mikasa candlesticks--tho the candles are from the dollar store =)

here are a few close ups:

Plastic eggs i sanded and painted robins egg blue and then speckled with black paint. the moss also from the $1-store. i saw this on a blog..i *think* i found it first here:  it would have been easier if i had been able to find the craft eggs, but my store didnt have them, so i had to take the extra step of sanding before painting. the foam eggs would have been lots easier.
(the vase is made from a metal candle-holder base that was black and i painted white. then i glued it to the glass bowl on top. voila-a $2 vase)

i got 3 of these frames ($1 each)...they were red (i left the edges) and then i painted them in the colors that matched and then white washed the tops. when i sprayed the acrylic sealer, the red bled thru a bit, but i kinda liked it, so i left it.

another frame, a dollar store vase with dollar store flowers. the pink arrangement i used from my daughters first bday. the pots were terracotta from michael's (.89 ea.) and i painted them with watered down pink acrylic, added some dollar store ribbon, and some more dollar store flowers.

more egg-y vases. i made 2 of these (see first pic). and i just used an ice-cream tall glass and turned it upside down for the base and then glued the bowl to the top. added moss and egg. another $2 vase.

these i think, are my faves. i bought 2 birds from the dollar store...which were originally a stone color. they have a sandy texture to them which i love so i left it, and i painted them a pastelly, yet bright, yellow. they are sooo cute!
i do have to iron the runner...but i actually just sewed 3 placemats together...each was "off" a bit size-wise, but i just lined up the fronts..the backs are totally uneven, but you cant tell. lol. for a 3 dollar runner, i'll totally take it. =)

so--i didnt take before pics...but i was too excited to come home and try it out.
in total, this easter scape cost me roughly $18  ($4 more if you include the pink pots i had already--and i had the paint so i wont count that either)

the runner i was looking at at target was like $17 by i think i did pretty well and manged to make a pretty easter scape for essentially less than one piece i was looking at prior to my dollar store epiphany. 

the only thing that didnt come out the way i wanted it to bc i got lazy was the wreath i had started. i wont even put pics up bc i'm slightly embarrassed by it. LOL. i was TRYING to put plastic eggs around a foam wreath covered in ribbon....but i got too lazy to sand and paint the eggs, so i glued them as is...and well, it looks like plastic eggs glued to a wreath--so i've ditched it. and will not show you bc i think you all would just point and laugh at i'll just leave you with the successes so you will think i am uber-crafty and cool =)

and i gotta tell you....the feeling i get when i walk into the dining room and see my pretty spring-time project is just awesome. it always makes me smile--i think its the yellow birds (and the cheap-o in me that knows i did it on a dollar store budget). even on a gloomy day like today...i have a little spring in my house.

now---if only i could open the windows and take a nap on the couch....tho really, with a 2 year old, who can take a nap? except, maybe her. so my yellow birdies and the happiness they bring me will have to do, for now.

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