Saturday, March 27, 2010

shameless plug post.

yes, this post is a shameless, selfish, total attention-whore plug for my shop.

but i am having a sale. a spring cleaning weekend sale! (even if it IS freeeeeezing in jersey today)....

BUY ANY 3 ITEMS, GET A 4TH FREE! thats right folks, ANYTHING in the shop is up for sale!

buy 3 sets of clips, get another free. buy 3 headbands, get another free. buy a set of cards, a set of clips, and a headband, get a 4th item free! the possibilities are ENDLESS!!!!!

heres some fine print [said in a fast voice...]: 4th item's price refunded via paypal, not applicable to shipping,  reunded via paypal, not to be combined with other discounts or codes

go forth, and shop.

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